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Now, I know what you're thinking: "Please don't make me join another Discord server." I couldn't agree with that sentiment more, which is why I strive to make the NeverSayDicecord a server you want to unmute. 

Not Another Discord Server

A Quiet Place

To be honest, it's a pretty relaxed server. The roles allow me to tag specific groups of people, so you don't get bombarded with notifications. You only get what you want out of it.

Get Stuff

Members of the Dicecord can get free or discounted seats for my professional games through StartPlaying.Games. They get notified when I schedule a new game and get the chance to snag Early Bird discounts. 

Cool Folks

The members of the Dicecord are the cool folks I've met through TTRPGs. We love having new folks join our little club, so we'll make you feel at home.

Conference Crowd

And Another Thing

This is arguably the biggest perk of the NeverSayDicecord.


I use the members of the NeverSayDicecord as test subjects for new TTRPGs. I grab every TTRPG quickstart, demo, and preview that I can to see what the TTRPG world has to offer. I also take suggestions from the Discord about what games they'd like to try. So, if you're interested in trying out a spread of TTRPGs, the NeverSayDicecord is the place to be.

I even put together some one-shots in familiar systems if there's an adventure or idea I want to explore. One of the biggest hits has been the level 20 D&D 5e adventure "Don't Say Vecna." I ran it for four groups, one of which did a sequel spin-off adventure. 

The NeverSayDicecord is a place to to spread your wings, try some new games, and meet some great people. 

Well, have I convinced you? If not, that's okay! Being a member of the Dicecord isn't a requirement. It just gives you bonus perks for supporting what I do. 

BUT, if I did convince you and you're interested in joining the Dicecord, play with me on StartPlaying.Games! Each player will get a fresh invite. (You know, I gotta vet people before they join. You could be a serial killer for all I know.)

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