Now, I know what you're thinking: "Please don't make me join another Discord server." I couldn't agree with that sentiment more, which is why I strive to make the NeverSayDicecord a server you want to unmute. 

Not Another D&D Discord Server

Game Nights

Roughly once a week, we play games together! We host trivia nights, play Halo or Jackbox, or whatever the people want.  

Get Stuff

Just by being a member of the Dicecord you get silly emotes, the chance to get discounted/free stuff, and interactions with the stars you see in my streams.

Cool Folks

The members of the Dicecord are the cool folks I've met through TTRPGs. We love having new folks join our little club, so we'll make you feel at home.

Well, have I convinced you? If not, that's okay! Being a member of the Dicecord isn't a requirement. It just gives you bonus perks for supporting what I do. 

BUT, if I did convince you and you're interested in joining the Dicecord, here's how. 

Subscribe on Twitch

My Twitch subscribers get a special invite to the Dicecord and access to a subscribers-only channels.

Support on

All of my Patrons (even the $1 supporters) get invited to the Dicecord. $4 Patrons get access to the Patron-only channels.  

Play on

Folks who play in my games through StartPlaying.Games get invited to be part of the Dicecord.