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About Logan

My name is Logan (or NeverSayDice on the internet), and I'm a game master. I've done a bit of everything: written, edited, streamed, and Patreon-ed. In the end, I love running games and I'm sticking to it. You can learn more about my experiences below or skip over to the other pages.

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Where to Begin?

I've been playing TTRPGs constantly since around 2013. No matter what stage of life I went through, I always played TTRPGs. 

I went to school for music education (I'm a saxophone player), but I don't think I need to explain why I chose not to go into education in the U.S. Instead, I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing because I had such a passion for TTRPGs and storytelling. 

While in college, I managed a D&D group with over 30 college kids (mostly new to TTRPGs). I loved welcoming new people into the hobby and realized that I wanted to do something with TTRPGs as my career.


Well, I thought that path would be writing. It wasn't. Editing? Closer. Streaming? Absolutely not. Patreon? C'mon, son.  Professional game master? Wait, that's a thing?


And here I am. I reached back to my roots as someone who introduces people to TTRPGs and dove into professional GM-hood. I love putting together games and experiences for people. and if I can make a career out of it—sign me up.

You might be wondering where the name NeverSayDice comes from. Well, if you're a real Goonie, you already know the answer. ☠️ Never Say Die. ☠️

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Anything else?

I'm more than a handsome face and bag of dice.

Besides TTRPGs, I love board games and card games. I love video games, but only single-player games. 

Besides games, I love music. I'm a long time saxophone player, but I also play guitar, piano, and a few other instruments. When I'm not making music or playing games, I'll play disc golf or watch my leopard gecko, Jefferson. 

Oh, and I love my spouse. It never hurts to reiterate that every chance I get. 

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