Along with writing and streaming, I professionally run TTRPGs through a wonderful website called StartPlaying.Games. I have experience professionally running D&D, Burn Bryte, and Call of Cthulthu. I specialize in single-session stories, making my games perfect for the busy gamer who just wants to drop into a game!

What's On the Menu?

I'm currently running a few Call of Cthulhu scenarios in sequence. There will be a new story each week, but don't worry, you'll have a chance to play one again if you miss a week. 

Each scenario can be played as a standalone session. For those seeking a long-form experience, each scenario is subtly linked to provide a returning player with a complex story. Moreover, you can play the same character and develop their story in regards to the Cthulhu mythos!


Never played Call of Cthulhu? Don't fret. These scenarios are geared toward new and experienced players, providing a little bit of everything to give new investigators a tour of Call of Cthulhu.  

As more folks join my community, I hope to branch out and run new games that people (and I) want the chance to play. 

Image by Johannes Plenio

Wanna play?


The cost of a seat at most StartPlaying games is about the cost of a movie ticket, but as we all know: movie theaters are a racket. Life is expensive, I know. So, here are some ways you can save some money, play games with me, and support my work. (But, I always appreciate it if you pay full price.) 

  • My $4 Patreon supporters can get one free seat each month. ($11 in savings!)

  • StartPlaying.Games has a referral program. When you refer someone and they spend at least $10, you get a $10 credit to spend on StartPlaying. Invite your friends!  

  • Members of my Discord server get first dibs on discounted seats and have the chance to win free seats from Discord events.