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I professionally run TTRPGs through a website called StartPlaying.Games. I have experience professionally running Dungeons & Dragons, Burn Bryte, Cyberpunk RED, Call of Cthulthu, and more. Since I'm still getting acquainted with being a professional GM, I'm mainly running one-shot games... for now.

What's On the Menu?

I'm currently running a few Call of Cthulhu scenarios in a series I'm calling "Incident in Arkham." They're all one-shots, but they're subtly linked. It works for people who are only interested in one-shots, but there's content there for people who want a long-form game, also. For example, you may spot a recurring character, location, or conflict in the scenarios. 


Never played Call of Cthulhu? Don't fret. These scenarios are geared toward new and experienced players, providing a little bit of everything to give new investigators a tour of Call of Cthulhu.  

As more folks join my community, I hope to pursue some long-form projects and campaigns. 

Image by Johannes Plenio

Wanna play?

Affordable Options

The cost of a seat at most StartPlaying games is about the cost of a movie ticket. Life can be expensive, I know. So, here are some ways you can save some money, play games with me, and support my work. (But, I always appreciate it if you pay full price.) 

  • The first two players get a 50% discount on their seats.

  • If you refer a friend and they play, you'll get credit (like a gift card) that you can use on future seats. 

  • Members of my Discord can get discounted or free seats. 

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