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About Me (Him?)

Logan (he/him), or NeverSayDice on the internet, is a TTRPG content creator. He writes, edits, streams, professionally runs games, and generally is up to his eyeballs in content. Logan is excited to bring you into his unique TTRPG world, so keep on scrolling to learn about all the stuff he does!

You might be wondering where the name NeverSayDice comes from. Well, if you're a real Goonie, you already know the answer. ☠️ Never Say Die. ☠️



Logan's aiming to reach 15 Patrons!  He's currently experimenting with new content and post frequency, but he's going to remake some old content to make free for everyone!

DMs Guild

Logan's working on the first module based on his Sharn Nights D&D campaign! Be on the lookout for an investigative Eberron adventure near the beginning of February.

Twitch &

Logan's doing his best to balance his streaming schedule. His D&D campaigns have suffered scheduling issues, but our Twitch schedule should be ironed out soon.


Logan's putting together his third Call of Cthulhu scenario for StartPlaying! There's a lot going into it, so it's taking longer than expected. Seats will be available in early February, so stay tuned!